We moved to this QTH in 2018. My previous setup had a tower with stacked beams on 15m, a tribander, and low band wires. I missed that previous station, but other "new house" -things took priority, not to mention a global pandemic, and suddenly six years had gone by. Towards the end of 2023, I knew it was time to start building again -- welcome to the party, pal.

The current setup here is designed for SO2R or small multi-one contesting using Flexradio gear. All controls (switching, etc.) are handled by computer thanks to the Hamation system. It makes for a very clean desk. This is the starting point as it sits.

Shack inside


  • Flex-6600
  • Power Genius XL
  • 2x Hamation Bandmaster V
  • Hamation 2x8 switch
  • MFJ-998 and various tuners, all used for single antennas
  • N1MM Logger+ and DXlab suite
  • Bencher key, Heil proset headphones
  • 130'-long doublet fed with open wire line at 120' for all bands
  • Vertical delta loop at 90' for 20m
  • Doublet feed wire can be shorted together and fed against 2 acres of ground screen for 160m
  • Gap Titan ~300' away (it came with the house)
  • 350' beverage on top of a fence, switchable north/south
The antennas have performed well, and would probably do even better in the hands of a decent operator. I am lucky in that the trees are very tall here, but obviously a better solution is needed. Much of what will be posted here in the coming months will center around getting ready for spring tower erection.