I had installed a tower at my previous QTH, my parents' place, in about 2014. They were putting in a new fence, and it has been a half decade since I moved out, so the time has come to remove it and relocate it to the new place.

The tower is an EZ-Way RBX-50. This is the self-supporting two-section heavy duty version with the "wonder pole" that precludes the need for concrete. It is a nifty little tower, and has served me well. Unfortunately, it hasn't seen much maintenance in the past five years; it hasn't even been telescoped since 2017 or so. The rotor at the top (Yaesu G-1000sdx) hasn't even been moved in that time.

4/4 15m at old QTH
4/4 homebrew stack on a city lot

The first step was to telescope it down and the electric winch mercifully worked. The next step was to tip the tower over -- usually the part I fear most. The hand winch and the cable didn't break, which I was partially expecting. The tower tilted gracefully down to the ladder and my father (K1FWM), brother, and I removed the old 15m stack.

EZ-Way tower tilted down
Telescoped and tilted, ready for beam removal
K1FWM removes the director of the top antenna

Once the tower was stripped of antennas, feedlines, and the top section with the rotor, we were able to pull out the inner section in a controlled fall that involved toppling a step ladder. Next, we unbolted the wider lower section from the wonder pole and rigged rope and a figure-8 device to the wonder pole, then simply knocked it off the wonder pole, and slowly lowered it to the ground. No, there are no pictures of any of this due to our general panic, but it worked.

I also had a number of old antennas, including an entire 4-stack of 10m beams that I think came from K1TTT. Those were put in the back of the truck and somehow made it back to the new place.

Aluminum begins its journey to a new home, less the tower (for now)

Still left to do is remove the cables from the house. I doubt any of this feedline is trustworthy, but it will be taken to the new place and tested. The rotor cable is probably OK, but may be too short for the new place.

A "wireless" hobby indeed
The final step is removing the wonder pole. That will have to wait until spring, as the ground here is already very hard. I've done this once before when I purchased and removed the tower from its first home in Connecticut. That process was terrible; the pole is so heavy, it bypassed the hydraulics on an engine hoist we were using to pull it out of the ground. If you are considering moving an EZ-Way tower with the wonder pole, beware: the pole is heavier than you can even imagine. I will likely need a construction size tractor to remove it after digging it free.
I am not yet sure what will become of this tower. The plan, at least now, is to erect it at the new place in an area of the yard that is constrained. This tower does not need guy wires, so it can be tucked into a corner that a guyed tower couldn't be. This would also leave the wider area of the property available for the planned "big" tower in Spring 2024.
Here is a scan of the EZ-Way brochure, for those of you who may be looking at one. They're very stout, but becoming rare.