The N1TA node is available to all licensed amateurs via telnet ( Login with your call sign when prompted.

The node is preconfigured to serve manual spots, CW skimmer spots, and FT8 skimmer spots. You can use filter commands if you wish to only see certain types of spots.

The software is AR-Cluster v.6 by AB5K (sk). You can find the manual here thanks to NC7J. A list of common useful commands appears below.

Cluster Etiquette

We must all play well together. Here are a few rules of the road:

  • Never, ever, ever spot what you can't hear. Spots with comments like "can't hear" defeat the purpose as the comments are stripped off by most applications. The purpose of the spotting system is to spot only what you can hear.
  • Use the announce function sparingly. This isn't a chat room.
  • Sending a spot with "thanks for atno" or "please qsl" might feel good, but nobody cares. There are other ways to contact the station directly, if you must, without involving the rest of us.
  • Spotting under a call sign other than your own without permission will get you banned from this and most other nodes. Don't be a jerk.

Useful Commands:


Send a DX spot


Send a DX spot that echoes only to the sender


Show previous DX spots


Show the DX option settings


Sets the DX options back to their default settings


Display extra information in the comment field


Set the default number of displayed spots


Set the DX filter


Set contest specific filters


Set filter mode: Open, Filter, Needs or Debug


Set the type of output: Off, On