Thank you for visiting. The content of this site will mostly be about amateur radio. If you'd like to learn more about the hobby, check out the new ham resources page from the American Radio Relay League.

I've had various blogs and websites over the years; none of which I've kept up with. I do have most of the old content and will be importing it here as I go. I'm doing this because I am beginning to build my station in earnest and I need to keep an organized record of what I'm doing. You may or may not find any of this interesting or useful, but I hope you will.

I am primarily involved in contesting, also known as "radiosport," a hobby-within-the-hobby. This particular area of interest involves the constant improvement of operating skills and station capabilities. You will find most of my pursuits here are related to those improvements.

Thank you again for visiting and 73,
Mike N1TA